Sunday, March 24, 2002

And here I am, early for a change. We were out of the house for a few mintues today. It's thrown me off completely. (grin)

Have you ever had anything hit you out of left field and you don't quite know what to do with it?

We went to my parents' house today. My mother has been in a nursing home for a couple years. My father decided to sort through things because the state will get the house if he dies. He'd put together a package with a bunch of pictures of me, old report cards (what a shock, they were talking about my lack of handwritting ability back in 2nd grade), and some other odds and ends.

Then he said something odd. He said he had some letter my mother wrote to her mother while she was in the convent.

Russ, thank God, turned to him and said "While Colleen (my mother) was in the convent?"

He said yes, and that he'd have to get one of my mother's sisters to go over them.

My mother was in a convent?

I think I'll just go take a rest now...

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