Friday, March 08, 2002

Happy Birthday to me...

And now it's time to work...

I've messed around. Not really anything important, just did nothing in particular. Took ten minutes to walk from my house to my mailbox because of the ice, with my wonderful dog running back and forth trying to trip me. I don't know why I bothered.

I was really surprised when a couple minutes later someone knocked on the door. There was a woman with a huge bouquet and a teddy bear from Russ. I've posted some pictures at Forward Motion and I'll have one or on my journal. But she'd almost slipped and had a hard time, even on the 'grass' getting back to her car. We're under a winter advisory here. We'll have about four inches of snow on top of this mess.

Speaking of Forward Motion, the group there did a wonderful page of notes to me! That was a lot of fun. I printed them all out for a notebook.

Then, a couple minutes ago, friends showed up with a little cake, a card and a little cake! How nice!

The one bad thing is that I've gotten about ten emails of work for the council agenda... and no 'item numbers' on any of them, so I'm going to have to go through and match up the graphic with some spot on 5 pages of the agenda. I think they should all be from one little spot in it, so that's not too bad. But it is annoying.

I might as well just get to work on it. It really won't take me that long! If I'm not careful, I'll sit and growl and hiss about it longer than it will take me to do it!

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