Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Okay, so I'm having trouble getting back to writing. 509 words last night. Struggling to get that many tonight. Part of it is just so much going on, but that should clear up now that the computer is running well. And it is running very well. I just have to get to where I trust it.

I'm a bit over 17,000 words into Brendan's Song. I'm hoping to get the novel word count up to around 80,000 by the end. Yes, a short novel. Right now my problem is making a set of scenes more intense than they were in the original, and at least that means some new writing... though it also means cutting the original stuff, of course.

Still, it's going all right. Just not very inspired at the moment. I fear I'm going to be that way for a few more days.

And then there's the problem of my birthday. I have always started something new on my birthday. I need inspiration quickly....


I still have The Game of Time sitting there. I don't like the opening. I'm going to scrap everything I've done so far (only about 5,000 words, I'm glad to say), combine a couple characters, change the circumstances of another, and restart it. This might be the time.

Or maybe I'll come up with something else entirely in the next 48 hours or so. You never know.

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