Sunday, March 17, 2002

I had a little trouble getting in here yesterday for some reason. Not that I had anything to say, but still... one gets used to doing certain things, and I hate breaks in patterns. (grin)

I am over 52,000 into Brendan's Song. I've actually gotten where I like the story again and I don't feel quite as weighed down by it. Probably 20-30,000 more to go... I suspect closer to the lower number.

It's an interesting experiment, all this work. I enjoy the seriousness of the work. I can no longer just jot words down and say it's good enough for now. There isn't going to be a later to fix this one. At first that started slowing me down because I found myself lingering over every line -- but that didn't help. Most of them didn't need that attention, and it finally came to me that I needed to save that sort of time for the sections that did need serious help. That's worked far better. I have many such places. I'm sure the editor will find more.

Write for a few more minutes and then take a short break, to feed the hordes.

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