Saturday, July 01, 2006

Maybe July will be better

I just figured up my numbers for June and found out I had the worse writing month I've had since April, 2000. Not a surprise.

Vision is not up and might not be for a day or two. We're working on it.

I have not yet started the work on the novel blog, either. I hope to do that tomorrow after I've slept for a while.

The good part of June was the 2YN book and sales. That has helped. I've started work on the second book, and I think it isn't going to be as much trouble as I thought it would be. I'm glad and relieved. It will be my major July project, with Touched by the Wild as the 'fun' stuff. Between the two of them I think I'll get my numbers back up. I have to write and rewrite nearly all the second 2YN book, so it's going to be a lot of work.

But I'll get there.

Beyond that, I think I want to make a nice clean break with June and hope for better next month. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Please pardon me for being presumptuous, but it seems to me like you might be trying too much. It's difficult to strike a balance between too much and too little, and you seem to be severely tipped toward the "too much" side of the spectrum.

My problem is that I often cut too much out of my life in my efforts to focus on writing. There was a time in which I wrote for an hour or two each day and did little else, and I was so bored outside of those two hours that I napped to avoid confronting my boredom. So certainly I'm not suggesting limiting your life to only writing and reading.

But ... is all of this really so important to you that you're willing to sacrifice your physical and mental well-being to pursue it all? Writing fiction is more important to you than running Forward Motion and Vision and all that, right?

So perhaps you might want to consider doing no more writing about writing until you've actually landed a major publishing deal yourself. Which is more important: racking up a huge wordcount for the month by writing the second 2YN book and getting caught up on all these side things you've trapped yourself in, or actually devoting your full atention to your current novel in progress and making this novel your best yet?

This is meddlesome of me, and what you do with your life is really none of my business, but I can tell that you're running yourself into the ground for things that really aren't that important.