Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday already?

Well, I've done all right so far with my plan to write this week. Monday I did about 2000 words and yesterday I did over 4000. I haven't started today because of a headache, but I'll get there soon.

We're having hot weather again, so the guys and I are held up in the house, shades pulled and lights off. We had a power outage again last night, but things seem to be fine today. I think they were maybe fixing something late at night so that today -- with the heat index already at 105 -- there might be fewer problems.

I will go write soon. Only a couple thousand words, I think, and then I'll do some Daz stuff and just relax for the day. The last couple days of not fretting over things (though the 'things' are still out there, of course) has helped. I need to do this more often. Should I set it up as a once a month vacation? That might be fun!

Oh, and that's Zaphod on my rocking chair from when I was a kid. Pretty cute, huh? Posted by Picasa

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moni said...

Zaphod is beautiful and the rocker's not bad either. Enjoy looking through your pictures. Good luck with your writing.