Saturday, July 22, 2006

That's better

It's not even 6 pm and I've already written 4000 words for the day, uploaded some new pics to the zoo blog, and worked on some Daz art. I've also finally moved my printer out here from the office, much to the amazement of the kittens who aren't used to things moving in this house.

I don't know what else I'm going to get done tonight. I plan to add some more pictures to the blog and do more writing, but knowing me, I'll wander off and do something else instead. It's that kind of day -- and I don't mind at all. I'm happy with a 4k day!

I also have figured out one more link to the Sudden Storm novel. Links and hints, and little bits and pieces of things... damn, I love writing sometimes. Well, actually, I love writing all the time. But I'm especially happy when a story makes those kinds of connections that just make you grin. I told Russ about one of the scenes and he thought it sounded pretty amusing, too.

Ah, what fun.

Anyway, I better go add that bit to the outline. Yay!

(Yes, much better mood. I got tired of the other one.) Posted by Picasa

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