Thursday, July 20, 2006


Today was one of the hottest days I remember in this area. Miserable weather, and it didn't get much better after the sun went down. It's finally dropped down to around 80 for both heat and heat index, and it's not supposed to be as warm tomorrow. We might even have rain on Friday.

I'm not really a hot weather person. I like spring, autumn and winter. I love summer storms. I don't like summer heat. So I pretty much hid out in the house today and fought my way through about 2000 words to reach the half million mark for the year so far. I should be happy about it, but... it's been an odd writing year. Nearly all of those words are in rewritten-from-scratch older stories, which makes the amount of imagination used really kind of lacking.

However, Russ and I have been discussing a new book I'm going to write and some of it is finally coming together. I'm even getting those scenes that come to me at odd times -- a real sign that this one is finally becoming a true story for me. Right now it's called Sudden Storm, based on the opening incident -- but I need to find something better, I think.

Anyway, I'm still working away on Touched by the Wild, though my feelings towards it keep bouncing around a great deal. I'm at about 40k and I think it's only going to be about 60 to 70k long. But... not right. Something is just not right.

We'll see. It might be that I'm just hot and miserable and nothing is right just now! Posted by Picasa

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Zoe said...

I can sympathize; I'm not a hot-weather person either. When I hide in the air-conditioning I'm okay for the most part, but when I venture out of it, even for a few minutes, I start feeling listless and depressed. I'm at least managing to get writing done, though.