Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th

It's finally quieted down here a bit. Not nearly as noisy as it was last year, but still quite a bit of the stuff. Great for taking a few pictures, but the smoke is pretty thick, and the noise has been a bit much. The cats don't appreciate it, of course. I don't mind so much once a year -- but they've been doing some of this for days now, and I'll be glad to have it all over with.

Today is also Lady Jane Pudge'ums and Princess Cricket's 14th birthday. Everyone got a little bit of fish for a treat. The babies had never had such a thing, and they behaved quite well. I still have all my fingers, at least.

And that's about it for the day. I'm tired out -- had a horrid time sleeping last night and I hope to do better today.

Kwi has a cold. At 16, and the way everything else has been going, it worries me. I think he'll be going to see our very kind vet on Thursday.

Right now, though -- rest time, I think. Posted by Picasa


Jean said...

Ajax became an "it" today. Last I talked to hubby, poor kitten was resting comfortably in the garden window, so all appears to be well with our little guy.

Margaret said...

Hugs on your puppy and kitten. I hope Kwi gets better soon. I'm quite surprised that our 18.5 year old, Dusty, is adapting to the desert quite well. She's more active now than she's been for the last 8 years and happier too. Still, she's on the watch just because not too many weeks ago she was starving herself.

Congrats on getting Vision up and on finally getting some time to write. I so hear you on last month, though January this year was worse for me, June was not far behind :p.

And just checking that you got my emails. If not, please write me and I'll resend :).


Jean said...

Our veterinarian friend recommends chicken baby food (yes, the human kind) for a kitty off its food. Sometimes that's enough to get nutrition and moisture into the them until you can get them to the doctor.

I keep a couple jars in my pantry just for emergencies.