Sunday, July 02, 2006

There, that's better

After a dismal June total (my worse in years), I have redeemed myself with a 4000 word first day in July. And I edited 50 pages of a novel. The 4k words are divided between several projects, but that's okay.

I am not going to start Touched by the Wild as a blog for a few more weeks. I've gotten slowed down on it -- so much so, that I think there's a plot problem, and I want it all corrected before I go on. In fact, posting touched might just wait until I'm done with the book.

I am still not feeling great, but I'm doing my best to ignore it. I'm sleeping far more than normal, and that's all right. The naps in the middle of the day seem to be helping me stay calm. I've gotten tired of all the stress, and I think I can handle most of that problem myself with just a bit of good sense. Things will get better.

And now it's 2:30 am and I think I'm ready for more sleep and to start over tomorrow.

Oh, cute turtles, huh? I am just reading about turtles in the GALE books right now, and I thought it a good picture to pull up. Posted by Picasa


Jean said...

Turtles and all the photos have been lovely. I really enjoy the chromatic effect of yesterday's photo.

E.Jim Shannon said...

I watched a story last week at the end of the News about the worlds oldest turtle dying at the age of 130 years old. I think the News said it was a Gollopolos turtle. Anyone else here about this?

Zette said...

Jean -- I had to take a quick look to see what the picture had been. (grin). No memory left at all, I fear. Good thing I keep copious notes on everything!

Jim -- Yes, I had read that report. That's far from the oldest turtle, though. I just read, in the Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, of one that had been captured as an adult and lived for another 152 years. Turtles often reach a very old age. The material I've been reading on them is fascinating.