Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still ill

I don't normally get ill and stay that way for days at a time. I'll not feel well for a while, but not this kind of horrid really sick stuff.

I hope it clears up soon. I feel a little better tonight, but then I did yesterday too, and got much worse this morning and afternoon.

Obviously, everything is behind. Vision will likely go up after the fourth. I'm still working on the workshop -- something I have started and deleted four times now -- also something I never do. It's a sign of how ill I am because I don't think you should delete stuff right away. I'm sure a couple of those would have made good starts if I had a brain. I do, finally, have one I like, though.

I've been asked to do both a story and a cover for a second cat book (Sequel to the Twelve Cats of Christmas anthology). I'm sure I'll be very happy about this when the brain wakes back up.

Oh, and that's a picture of Edmond of the Big Ears. What a doll he is! Except that he's fascinated with my hair, and leaps up onto the back of the chair and attacks it. My hair reaches past my waist (though I'm about to cut a few inches off to even it out a bit again), and he just loves it.

Sure sign of stress, though -- every time I wash my hair I get huge clumps of hair in my hand where it's fallen out.

So I am trying to take things more calmy. It's obviously not quite happening yet, and won't before I get Vision done and the payments made to everyone, my bill paid so I don't lose the site that has Vision and get a few other things caught up.

I am working on the Touched by the Wild book, which I might yet get started on July 1 -- not sure how I'll feel in a couple days. I am also working on the outline for a new novel, and using a new program. Obviously, considering the way I've been feeling, I haven't gotten very far at all. The program is SuperNoteCard and comes from this site:

Since I had a bit of money from the sales of the 2YN book, I decided to splurg. And I'm glad I did because tonight I started using it to put together the second 2YN book and realized I could drop entire chapters into the notecards and move them around -- a big help since I moved some of the late stuff into book 1, some of the early stuff to book 2, cut out a few things and merged some stuff... you get the idea. I've already gotten more done on it, even this ill, than I had in the last two weeks since I opened the files and started messing around with them again.

So there is something good, at least. Posted by Picasa


E.Jim Shannon said...

sounds like you had what my wife and I went through 2 weeks ago. It begant to affect meon the way into work and I had to call in sick. I ended up throughing up in my tote bag on a full commuter train home. The flue took us a week to get over. The Doctor said the best thing to take for stuff like this is eat a lot of soups (no creame soups) and drink a lot of gator aid. (slowly) Something to do with the salt content.

Elayna said...

I wondered if you were sick since you didn't seem to be online lately. I had that flu a couple of weeks ago too so I know how you feel. At least the fever gave me a good story idea. Hope you feel better soon.