Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I've had two days (or is it three now?) of working almost exclusively on Vision. I'm happy to say that I am putting the last touches on the 15th issue right now. It will set for tonight, and tomorrow when I put it up I will no doubt find horrendous problems and pull out all my hair.... but for the moment I can pretend that I'm done. There are 30 articles, three of which are recurring... oh yeah. Need to update guidelines to take off the theme for the issue that is just going up... There, that's done. Looks like I forgot to do it for the last one. Oh well. We're set now.

And now I get to go back to the novel. I've managed to write only a few thousand words in the last couple days, and unfortunately, now there is going to be a new project to take my attention -- May has two major dares going on at Forward Motion. But I will keep working on Ruins. I have plans for it. (grin)

Off to work!

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