Thursday, April 17, 2003

I like to make pictures from alien worlds sometimes....

Yes, I read the second Wen Spencer book -- Tainted Trail -- last night. Good stuff. There will be another one in a few weeks, I'm glad to hear.

Odd day. I can't focus on anything. I'll do a little writing, edit some stuff for Vision, and just relax. I've been fighting a headache off and on -- drastic weather changes this time. It's amazing the kinds of things that will set headaches off. Like the dog next door and the one behind the alley deciding to bark at each other for half the night. That's been happening a lot. I don't always want to listen to music when I write, but lately it's been necessary.

I'm going to print off The First Open Door and start looking at it. I did a scan of some of it last night on the computer. I know a few things I need to add in, and I think I'm going to enjoy it. I almost regret setting up the rewrite Dare for May, because I'd start now. But really, it won't hurt me to hold off for a few more days.

There. That's the most I've written all day. Maybe my fingers will start working now...

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