Sunday, April 13, 2003

So, the novel is done. I'm editing Niche right now, and pulling up Vision work. I have one short story that I need to finish, and two in notes. Oh, just came up with the title for the really short one. Might even be flash fiction, if I can manage it.

The site is down during Jatol work. I need to ask about articles. I need to get to work on that part of life again.

Glad to have the novel done, though. I'm looking forward to doing the rewrite. I might start it on May 1. Yes, that soon. I have a good feeling about this one, and if I can get it right, I'd like to get it out for a submission.

Right now though... I've just fed the cats. I have Niche open, something for Vision, and a page with nothing but a new title on it. I expect Russ home soon. Time to do a little work!

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