Wednesday, April 02, 2003

(Wondering why these are not posting... hmmmm...)

I know spring is coming. Today we had another 80f+ day. They are still calling for snow on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Chances are that it will not happen. It's not like we've exactly been hit by winter storms at all this year. But it is still funny.

I was ill today. I even know why -- some food I ate last night did not agree with me at all. That happens when I try something new. It did put me off for most of the day, though. I've not even managed 1000 words yet, and just barely fed the hordes. I hope that my brain picks up the pace here and I get a bit more written. Although, now that we're past the short dare, I can go easier. Besides, I'm starting to edit Vision, so I might as well get used to not having as much writing time.

The First Open Door is into the last third of the outline. I have added one long scene that was not in the original, and I have notes at the end for another short chapter. I would like to concentrate on this and get it done, but with Vision taking part of my brain, it's harder to focus.

Still, it shouldn't take too much longer.

If I can just not get sick and lose more time again.

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