Friday, April 18, 2003

I made it to 3000 words last night. That's much better than I expected. The story is over 10,000 words, though. I'm really not surprised there. My work often goes that way.

I've been doing little notes on The First Open Door for things I think I need to add. So far I have 6 points. If each of those points generated 2,000 words... hmmm, I should try for 10 new additions. That would be the 20,000 or so words I would like to add. LOL. Whole new way to add material to stories.

I'm not going to work very hard at writing today -- or for the rest of this weekend. I have a few other projects that I need to do, like some reworking of a site for the county. I think I'll be done rewriting/editing Niche today, too. I'll need to go over it one more time in a couple days, though. I made some drastic changes in this version, and I'll need a little space before I can look at it and judge it again. But I expect it to go out soon.

I have several other pieces to go out as well. I just need to do a rereads and clean ups again. I keep thinking that one piece in particular needs a change at the end.

Okay... off to work.

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