Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Only wrote a little over 1500 words, but they were all on the new outline, so I'm happy about how well that's gone. It's a blending of the old novel and probably enough new stuff to add about 30,000 words or more -- which will take it up to about 100,000. I don't know if that's really going to happen when I get into the older stuff. A lot of it has to be so drastically changed to fit the new story line that I might end up cutting more than I think I will. But we'll see. I'm also not entirely happy with some of the 'mystery' aspects, but I think things will work out once I get into the story. I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of editing and adding of material, but I think this should be the last 'start all over from scratch' version.

At any rate, I'm going to start writing it tomorrow.

I spent the rest of tonight getting two short stories off to submissions. That takes care of my 'have to' work for this month. This is the first time out for both stories. Next ones to go out will likely be older material. I have a couple that I really would like to get back into the mail again.

I am heading to the bath tub with one of my many books on the Southwest to read up on the area and the cultures amd get a feel for the area again -- especially the archeology-related material. Prehistoric Indians of the Southwest by Wormington looks like the most likely one to start with. I haven't read it since 1992. It's a bit out of date, I'm sure, at least in terms like Anasazi instead of Pre-Publeoan -- but that one is up in the air still anyway. And I love the sound of Anasazi. Ah well, I'll mostly be covering Chaocan, Basketmaker (an early form of Anasazi), and maybe a little Mogollon. Mimbres pottery with 'kill' holes in them... Oh good! There's my big book on Anasazi pottery, and my little (very helpful) book on Chaco Canyon Architecture, which actually covers a number of styles found outside of the Chaco Canyon. (Can you tell I'm kind of really interested in this stuff?)

It will be fun to get up tomorrow and get to work on this, I think.

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