Friday, April 25, 2003

I miss the zoo. I haven't been there for quite a while, and it seems unlikely that I'll get there any time soon. Besides, I need new batteries for my camera -- after four years using three of them, they've finally worn down and will no longer take a charge. That leaves me with two. I need one or two more -- but at $50-$60 a piece, it's not something I can just go out and grab.


Russ came home earlier than I expected tonight, which was good. It gave us a little time to talk before he went to bed. He has a class to teach early tomorrow, so it's good he got back before the usual 1am that the last few classes have been.

The story is moving ahead very well, actually. I'm about 9,000 words into it. Ruins is going much better in this round. I'll be slowing up over the weekend, though. I have to get Vision put together. (I keep reminding myself of this because I could just get caught up in Ruins and forget...)

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