Sunday, April 20, 2003

Missed a day. I was mostly messing around with a slightly crazed plan to print off a ton of material and do some editing. Surprisingly, it's working. I almost through with the second short story I've edited in two days. I'm working on the last page or so of The Musings of Four Muses: A Cautionary Tale for Writers. Actually, in this case, I scratched the entire original and rewrote everything, so I'm counting it as new. The idea was good, the presentation wasn't. I think I have closer to what I want this time.

Anyway, I've printed off five notebooks full of material. Three are novels, two are collections of short stories. There are two or three more novels I'm tempted to print off tonight, except that I think I'll run out of notebooks if I do that -- and I still have a dozen or so short stories as well. Maybe as I edit, and empty one notebook at a time, I can plan on what to put in later.

I have been remiss in getting things out for submission. I keep up my minimum -- two things a month -- but I write far more than that, and quite often the stuff that goes out is what most recently came back since it's the easiest to edit again and put back out. I do always go over things again before I drop them back into the world of submissions.

I'm going to push a few new things out the door soon. Or out through the email, if that's the appropriate place. I think Niche will be heading for F&SF next weekend. I'm not sure what to do with the current one. It's going to be an odd one to place. And Children Play in Shadows... I don't know on it yet, either. I've started editing a short novel that I think will be good for an epublisher, too. Right now it's my 'bathtub' novel. I can take the notebook in with me and edit there. I would do this on the Visor, but I needed a change. Sometimes things like this make everything look different.

And, of course, this keeps me away from The First Open Door for a little while longer.

Back to work.

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