Friday, April 18, 2003

(Almost forgot to do a picture for the first post of the day)

So, really, I just decided to write entire new story to add to the front of this one. Right.

But it's working. I have over 1000 words and I'll likely go to 2000 tonight, at least. I'm also going to load the printer up with paper and get a copy of The First Open Door so I can read it and start that work Good plan.

There, it's started. I should have a print copy anyway, even though I do have backups.

Oh, and the short story is definitely in novelette stage now. If I can keep it from doubling in size, I might bring it in under novella. Since it's the first of a four story set about Devlin's Team, I'm not too worried. Eventually it will even be a book. (grin)

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