Tuesday, January 01, 2002

And here we are in another entire year. Russ and I spent the night, as we do every New Year's Eve, pulling out shows from the collection and eating cheese and crackers. I was under two blankets and still couldn't get warm, but it was a fun night. And what did we watch?

It Takes a Thief -- The Galloping Skin Game
I Spy -- The Maderra Block
WKRP -- Who's Who?
War of the Worlds -- Totally Real
The Persuaders -- Five Miles to Midnight
Cowboy Bebop -- Ballad of Fallen Angels

To say it was an eclectic night would be understating things a bit...

It's early by Zette time, but I'm still going to bed. I'm tired and I hope that getting some more sleep will help deal with this cold. I thought I was going to start writing now, but I think I might do better by putting it off for a few hours and getting some sleep instead.

So tomorrow I'll be up and go to work on the as yet unnamed book. And the first crack at my new schedule, though it being a holiday will likely unsettle that a bit.

Time to retire for a while!

Happy New Year!

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