Wednesday, January 23, 2002

I can't decide if it's early or late. I do know I haven't done a single thing so far today except try to figure out why my Visor won't hotsync. It wouldn't be really important except that I may be out of town on Friday (Yes, really!) and I will have the Visor and keyboard with me to do my writing. Ah well. I can always retype it reading from the screen. I've done that before anyway.

It's just an annoyance. A distraction, and probably one that I was looking for since I've let it take so much of my time.

I will get some writing done here soon, though.

On the other hand, I'm still sorting through disks of pictures from our great vacation in 1999. What a beautiful trip! The places were beautiful, the sunsets spectacular, and everything fascinating. Russ has suggested that I take one of those Tourist trips to the area, and I might do it. I love the area. I'd probably live in the Four Corners area, if I could.

And did write a book set in that area last year. I should have looked through these pictures before I did it, through. The area seems far more alive to me again. Even as touristy as Taos is, I loved it.

Ah well. Time to get to work on other things, right?

Or maybe I'll do another disk of pictures first....

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