Friday, January 04, 2002

Pretty funny... S.L. Viehl, in her blog, is lamenting the weather which got down to the 40's today.

And I am sitting at 43, absolutely amazed that it got this warm. About half of what little snow we had has melted, and I can go outside without coat, gloves, boots and worrying about freezing my fingers.

I learned last night that Dragonlaugh is going to stop publication. I'm really sorry to see this happen, since it is one of only two genre-related humor ezines that I've found, the other being Planet Relish. I've sold one piece to each of them. Sigh.

I'm a little out of it today, I'm afraid. It's going to take some work to get me back on track after that editing marathon last night. Glad to have it done, though, at least for this round.

Work. right...

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