Wednesday, January 02, 2002


And still no sign of Russ.

The story is moving along pretty well, though. I have some interesting interactions in the last 500 words. Another 500 and I'll be done with this part for the day -- unless I decide to write more. I might. You never know.

But, as you can no doubt tell by now, I am having trouble focusing on the work. When I do, it goes well. The rest of the time, I'm up checking the food, looking out the front door as though Russ will magically appear if I do, and picking up stuff in the house. The house is better for it, of course, but the timing sucks.

I think Russ is staying at his place in Wayne tomorrow night since he has a late dinner meeting, and it would be silly for him to drive home after that, just to go to bed and get up and drive back. I wonder if I will be more steady then, knowing that I won't be interrupted in the middle of a scene. I hope to do some work on the bedroom while he's gone -- and since I work best at night, that might be good.

So many plans, so many things to get done.

Back to writing, though...

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