Thursday, January 17, 2002

For the last 12 hours or so a new story idea has been slowly taking over my brain. This is good. This is the way I usually work (as anyone who reads my daily journal knows). I slow down for a few days and then something leaps up and grabs hold of me again. Material I have been working on, unless it's been really powerful, generally get's pushed aside until it takes over my brain again as well. Hunter and Hunted will likely still keep going. So will the rewrite of Abby. Wildwolf Brother, which has already sat for about ten days, is going to take a bit more of a rest, I think. Or I might make myself do a few hundred words on it each day, even still. I should have been doing that from the beginning, but my brain needed a nap from anything difficult. Generally, once it wakes up for one thing, it's good for the others, too.

This one is a YA story, which is also good. I've done three of those so far -- The Good People of Coralville, Differential Equations, and Waiting for the Last Dance. Those have all been contemporary stories, and singles. I think I have an idea for a fantasy series. I need to work out the group of teens that will unwillingly take part in this set of tales.

I'm getting fired up about this one. About time, this late into the month!

I hope it continues to grow. I'm going to be doing notes soon, and then work out the opening.

I think I'm done napping for awhile....

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