Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Russ made it home a little bit after the last post. He'd just had one of those days where people had to have material, had to talk to him, had to have answers. He has an important meeting tomorrow, so he also had a number of things he needed to get done as well.

He's not coming home Thursday night, and possibly not the night after that, since he has an early Saturday meeting at work as well. But at least I know!

I forgot to mention that Cricket is at the kitty hospital yet again, with an infection and fever. The vet took an x-ray this time, just to make certain he wasn't missing anything. Nothing showed up. She's staying the night at least -- and maybe far longer if she's not ready to come home first thing in the morning.

We think the problem might be the cat litter, which is too bad because for odor control, it's the best we've ever found. But we are going to try some different ones and see if we can get this cleared up.

I have an incredible headache tonight. I hope that I can get back to work on my writing.

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