Thursday, January 17, 2002

Russ is not coming home tonight. He'll be in town early tomorrow, though. I'm sure he'll have more than enough to get done, but I keep hoping that we'll get out for a few hours of daylight. (grin)

I have begun to suspect that one of my email addresses is down. This would be the main work one, which means nothing much has come in for work today. I did get the Finance Agenda via Russ, but not the attachment that went with it. Nevertheless, I was a good person and made the pdf version of what I had, sent it off and uploaded it all to the Internet. I would much rather have been working on my stories, but I was a good person.

Only now...

I've started doing notes on Game of Time #1 -- Misfits. Three of the main characters are slightly more tangible than ghosts at the moment. I have two others I need to flesh out, so to speak. I have most of the opening laid out in my head. A little build up, then the arrival one more character, an unfortunate accident... and we'll be off and running.

Yes, I think I can do this. But I might just sit down and watch the last four Buffy episodes first. Not because they have anything to do with the story, but only because if I do start running with this, I don't want something stupid like "Oh, I really want to watch those last shows today, so I've done all 12 of them in three days" hanging over my head. I do stupid stuff like that, but at least I know how to minimize the damage. Go watch shows. Yes. I've done a little writing, and I can get the rest of it in a few hours... no hold it. Do the Journal first. Okay. But before that I have to chose a picture. Oh, there was a lovely flower I copied off of a disk today...

Okay, I can do this. Time to get moving.

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