Saturday, January 26, 2002

Got back from a trip that took from 7am till 1am the next morning -- no break except for food and a couple hours at a book store [while husband was at a meeting] and then back into the car and head home again. And did that on only an hour of sleep the night before. Unfortunately, I came home to find out that I had to put together a 105 page agenda for the city council meeting on Monday and get it off to everyone BEFORE I could get to bed... so I'm just getting the last of that done, and then I'm crawling off to bed for the rest of the night, and probably most of tomorrow as well. Didn't do a lot of photography -- just some dawn shots that I hope turn out well. But it was a nice ride. We talked about the new YA quite a bit, and I think I've begun to define the characters a little better, and see what it is they are trying to accomplish, how they find the answers, and what menace is trying to stop them. I'll have to do a little bit more research, but I look forward to it.

By tomorrow the web sites should be uploading again. Joy. LOTS more work.

But I had a nice day!

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