Wednesday, January 09, 2002

This descriptive writing for the game is far more difficult than I expected. I think I have the approach down, finally. The feel of what the piece should do. I hope today to get all of the first draft done, and then throw myself back into other writing.

Oh, I see that publishing for Blog is momentarily down. I guess that means I have no excuse. I need to go write. No wait! I can clean my office instead!

Actually, I need to pick up in here, so that's not totally out of line. Besides it's still light out.

Copy this to a note to post later...

And now it's later and it looks like Blog is back.

I've discovered that the computer ate part of a different story. I'm working at replacing those words right now, before I go back to the sell text. I found that stepping back from it a bit is helping.

So, back to work...

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