Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Feeling better tonight. I slept through part of the afternoon and I think that helped. Amazingly, I could go right back to bed now. That doesn't seem like a good idea at the moment.

I will get some writing done tonight. I've been just a bit off. And because I've been ill, my emotional reaction to things has been way over the top. Not good. I really hope that I can get everything back in line again.

I found a little pamphlet in my collection that I'd forgotten I'd bought a couple years ago. It's a small book called Checking on Culture: A Checklist for Culture Building by Lee Killough. She even signed it for me. It's an interesting little book, and I'm going to sit down with it and work out some background for a novel that I felt wasn't exotic enough when I was done with it. This might just be what I need.

But not right now. Right now I'm going back to work on the regular stuff.

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