Tuesday, January 29, 2002

And here I am again. I am a little more fired up today, at least. I need to get work done on Vision related things, including an article on Romance. That should be interesting! I'm writing it as an outsider's first view at what it takes to write a romance novel, and I've learned a lot of interesting things. I don't intend to write a romance, by the way. I don't have that sort of inspiration. But I believe in knowing all you can about every kind of book out there, and this was one subject I was woefully uneducated in.

Other than that... a little bit of snow on the ground -- not even enough to cover the ground. And it's cold. It looks as though there is weather south of us, which is unfortunate, since that's where Russ is. I'm not sure if he's coming home or not tonight. Well, we'll see.

And now, off to do some work on something, somewhere...

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