Friday, January 11, 2002

I've been working away at web sites for most of the day. They've been arguing with me about such little things like if they're going to post, what parts they will save, etc. So far, I've been winning. I have one bit of web work left to do, late though it is -- which isn't my fault. The email got held up somewhere, and didn't get here until this morning.

I read the book City of Bones by Martha Wells last night. Good book! The worldbuilding was just about perfect, and the place seemed very real to me. There's a lesson to be learned there, I think. I am in the mood for a lesson, too, which helps. Sometimes you can hit me over the head with the obvious, and it will do no good.

Okay, finish the web work. Russ will be home in the next half hour or so, and we'll be off to pick up a few things, and when we get back I think I'll have time to write. Inclincation... well, yes. The new story is fun. I look forward to getting back to it.

Work. I must go do work...

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