Wednesday, January 23, 2002

I finally realized what I didn't like about The Game of Time. It was the fact that there was no reason to it. An arbitrary game with these kids thrown into it for no reason, and what do they get for all the work? So I've changed the base premise of how this game was set in motion. Same set of people -- the Egyptian Goddess and Ptolemy I, but different circumstances. He had taken the board from her temple, and that caused problems. The board is a link to time, the pieces are important moments in history. The pieces, now out of the Goddesses control, tend to gravitate toward their moment in history, and also to disrupt it with possibilities.

For instance -- in one well-known modern day moment in history -- some of the people who were present when JFK was assassinated said they heard multiple shots from different directions. If they heard anything, it was likely echoes. But for story purposes, what if it was other possibilities, including Lee Harvey Oswald being shot before he kills the president?

That's a relatively easy one. You know how history is supposed to go, even if you don't like it. What about events that are just as important, but less well known? How does my group make up their minds on what should be done? They might change history, and only realize it later. Could they fix it again? I don't know.

But there are interesting possibilities for the story.

I'm also cutting one of the characters out since I'll no longer need him as a guide into the game.

I suspect I'll be starting this one pretty soon, finally.

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