Wednesday, January 02, 2002

My first day under my new schedule is something of a success. I would like to have edited more, so I'll work on that next time. However, I did write 2031 words today, on three projects, and edited 5 pages on another. I also did several web page things, including redoing the pdf file (two times! I still had problems!), and updating the library site.

I would like to think that I could keep this pace up for the rest of the year, but it seems doubtful. While I've often written a lot more, for some reason I had trouble just settling into the work today. It might have been the 'holiday' air still. Maybe now that we're past that I can settle in a little better. I hope so. I want to do well this year, and I see this schedule, with Editing as a major part of the day, as a way to assure me of at least trying.

But you know, for the first day of the year -- not bad at all! A sale, a new story up, a new novel started, an old one ressurected, and a new shorter piece started, along with some serious editing. I'm happy. Crazed, but happy.

I hope everyone did as well

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