Friday, January 25, 2002

Well, I got about an hour's sleep. No, that's not good. But it's not a great tragedy either. I'll just sleep at some point during the ride. We'll be leaving soon!

Oh, I know it's not a huge big deal, but it's the first chance I've had to get out for ages. And there should be snow to the north of us, though there's no guarantee. I'm hoping to find a Barnes & Noble or a Borders somewhere along the path to Russ's meeting where he can just drop me for a couple hours. I was thinking about going to Mall of America -- but really, that seems like so MUCH. We'll see. It's not going to be a very long trip, after all.

I'm pretty much packed up and ready to go.

While I'm here, a few words on Lord of the Rings.

I've never read the books. I tried The Hobbit and didn't get into it -- though people tell me now that The Hobbit is entirely different from the other work. I might give it a try.

We saw LOTR last night. Russell's term for it was frentic. Excellent movie, enjoyable to watch, and certainly didn't feel like three hours.

I am left with an impression of ... images as being the most important part of LOTR. Not that the plot or the characters are lacking, but that the image of what you saw being more important than any other single piece. I am a character driven reader/writer, and I found myself overwhelmed with the images that I took away from that movie. I cannot quote a single line from it. I have no trouble remembering faces, but I can see the images of the different places far more clearly.

It's, for me, a very interesting change. I suspect that the movie closely reflects the book in that respect as well. I may at some point find out.

And now I'm off on my own adventure...

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