Sunday, January 13, 2002

You know, it's pretty sad when I find myself looking at the current WIPs and wondering which one of them doesn't require a brain to be engaged while working on it.

There are three pieces -- WildWolf Brother, which is currently still claiming that it will be a novel. The Hunter and the Hunted which will likely be a novella. Aubreyan, the rewrite of a novel, which I hope will grow a bit this time around. Of those three, Abby would require the least number of start-up brain cells, but the most amount of 'think this through before you commit it to electrons' thought afterwards. Or... maybe not. I just realized that I might be at a spot in the novel that I had heavily rewritten the last time, and it's likely I'm just at the 'Hey, I did learn something from that grammar book!' phase with this section.

Good. I can at least get something productive done.

Of course, there's still the pictures files to copy over...

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