Saturday, January 19, 2002

I slept through most of the afternoon.

However, it wasn't all lost, because when I wasn't sleeping (and sometimes even when I was) I began working out more of the details for The Game of Time. I think I can see some of the details coming through. The question is where to start them out on their first adventure. I've pulled out my Encyclopedia of World History, and I'm half tempted to just open to a page, find something there and begin research on it. I was going to go with something standard like Rome or Greece, but you know... it might be more interesting to find something a little bit more out of the usual.

In some ways I wish I hadn't come up with this so soon. Another few weeks and I could have held off and started it on my birthday in March. I always start something on my birthday. But... I know better than to try and hold on to something like this that long. It may be that the research part takes me that long, but if not...

And I can start the material in the current time frame. My characters are starting to come alive in my head. This is good. Maybe I'll come a bit more alive as well.

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