Monday, July 05, 2004

Well, both blogger and my journal are working now. Good.

Russ should be home sometime in the next few hours, I think. Or possibly he's just getting on the plane in New York right now. I can never remember how it is supposed to go. At any rate, he'll be home before too long.

I did very well, both house and writing, until about 1:30 am. That's when I suddenly had a horrid sharp pain through my back, and have been in misery ever since. I've spent more time in bed than out of it.

Sooma is up to 12,033 words. I'm still having fun and going to keep working. I'm also editing Mirrors at a few pages a day -- five is my goal.

I'm less than 1000 words from having written 20,000 so far this month. That makes me feel much better.

Just wish the back would stop giving me trouble so I could sit long enough to do some real writing again.

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