Friday, July 09, 2004


My back is still giving me problems. I thought it was mostly cleared up yesterday, but by today it had started causing me trouble again. Sigh.

Sooma is up to 26,090 words and still moving pretty well, though it lost ground yesterday to the new 2YN class. That's gone very well, too. And the editing of Mirrors is almost one-third completed. I'm really happy with how well everything is going for the writing, even if I'm not really working on anything

Other problems are silly things at FM with people getting worked up over a post, but I think once people look at the post they'll realize it should be laughed about rather than taken seriously. With luck, people will stop being rude and consider what they're posting.

Well, these things are bound to happen, though.

And right now I'm going to either write or rest.

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