Saturday, July 03, 2004

Odd things you find on old back up disks...

Sing, O Goddess Bast, the hissing of Pudge, daughter of Zelda, the cat who brought countless ills upon sweet Pip. Many a brave cat did she send hurrying down the hall, and many a kitten did she yield a prey to dogs and robins, for so were the counsels of Garfield fulfilled from the day on which the descendent of Kato, king of cats, and the great Pudge first fell out with one another.

Half makes me want to pull out the Illiad and do more -- but no. I'm not that crazy. Mostly. But I could, really. It might be fun to do the kitty Trojan War. Oh, and I just got the dvd version of In Search of the Trojan War. I love the book, or just about anything written by Micheal Wood. His show, In the Footsteps of Alexander, was excellent. I intend to watch at least part of the Troy show today.

Writing is going well. I'm over 4000 words on the new version. I have most of the class done to post tonight. I have even cleaned part of the house.

And some disks that would not play on the last cdrom drive now play on this one, so all my lost backups have a chance of recovery. This is great! I recently had a group I used to do a web site for ask me to recreate for them on a new location, since the old server is gone. I might actually be able to make some money on it again!

Overall, despite waking up with a horrible cold, it's looking good.

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