Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Lovely Woods

I'm ready to go back to the mountains now.

That's not really a big surprise, of course.  I love the mountains.

And I have no real complaints.  I finally have gotten past the worst of my back problems.  I washed some floors yesterday, did the dishes today, and I've only suffered through little twinges -- nothing serious at all.

The writing is going very well. Farstep Station is very nearly up to 50,000 words and looks like it has another 70,000 or so in this draft.  I'm amazed at how well this work with the outline has been going, since I didn't think it was one of my better outlines when I did it. And the editing of Mirrors is also going well.  I should probably put a little more effort into it and push to have it done in the next two weeks. A goal like that wouldn't be too bad.

I'm putting together a new chapbook submission, too.  I need to go back and check out the guidelines for it.  And make a final decision on the material to include.  Right now I have almost exactly DOUBLE the amount of material than I can use.

And no, I can't do two submissions.

There is really nothing else going on around here. The weather has been so incredibly nice that it borders on boring.  I shouldn't wish for bad weather, of course -- but I do like an occasional nice flashy storm.  According to Weatherbug, I might get my wish on Wednesday.

Right now, though... off to get some rest, I think!

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