Friday, July 23, 2004

I haven't really gotten very far with that submission problem.  One idea and I have to build around it -- and that's not getting very far in the last couple days!
On the other hand, the writing is still going very well.  And the editing of Mirrors.  I also got a nice idea for an article and wrote most of it.  A person can't really complain about stuff like this.  I just need to get my mind around the idea of the submission and start putting that together.
Okay, I printed out the list of material I have to work with.  I really should do this via Access or even Excel -- be able to pull up stuff by genre and length. (grin)  Not that I'm looking for a way to avoid the real work.
And looking at the list just gave me a couple ideas, so there's a chance here!  (grin)
I also need about five other individual short pieces for another project. This is actually getting difficult!  I never thought I'd have trouble finding stories for stuff!
Beyond that there's really not much going on.  I need to go write....

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