Thursday, July 15, 2004

Today is Pip's tenth 'home day.'  I'm not sure how we'll celebrate, but I think there might be a fish dinner in the fridge that he and his companions might share.  I'm sure he'd rather not share, of course, but by ten he should be used to it.
Writing work is going well.  My back is much better than it has been all week, but Russ said to rest for a couple more days before I do any of the house work.  I've been sweeping up, but even that pulls at the muscles that are now very sore.
Russ's aunt died yesterday and the funeral is Saturday morning about 80 miles from here.  I really didn't know her or her family, so I suspect that I'll just stay home while Russ goes.  His brother will drive down and they can spend some time together, too.  I can't stand for very long, and it's hard for me to sit in one place for very long, either, so that would be a problem, too.
Although I am very comfortable in the car.  The seat there is just perfect against my back.  Go figure.
Still, it's taken me a couple walking around trips and a hunt for the aspirin just to write this little bit, so I don't need to put myself into a position where I couldn't get up and do something to improve my back.
I'm lucky, really, that this didn't hit before our nice little trip to the Rockies.  So I'm not complaining!  (Much.)
Oh!  I've been typing this up on Word and just opened the page for Blog.  It looks different again!  What fun! (grin)  Yes, I am easily amused.
Which reminds me -- time to get back to writing.  I'm going to be through the easy stuff for Sooma soon and then I'll be back to the old handwritten version.  I can't say I'm looking forward to that part as much as I should be.
On the other hand, I'm averaging over 3000 words a day so far this month, and after two weeks of Sooma, I am ready to get back to work on other things again.  The copyediting on Mirrors is going very well.  I'm over 120 pages into that one, just doing about 5 pages a day.  Lately I've felt the urge to do more, so that's good, too.  I might have a rush of work on it and get this draft done.  I think it will need one more after that because I keep noticing that some of the details of the world around my MC are sketchy. 
I have two other unfinished novels right now -- Farstep Station and The Wind and the SandFarstep has a completed outline and I scraped much of The Wind and the Sand and I'm reworking the outline for it.  I've been doing that on the Sony Clie, though, so I need to get it copied over, cleaned up and added to (it's always light from the Clie) and do the word count on it soon.
I also have ongoing outlines for my 2YN novels and I have another one I want to start mostly to begin organizing the background material for it since the three characters (two main, one secondary) are finally starting to fall into place, and I don't want to forget the stuff Russ and I have talked about.
I've already done a thousand words on Sooma for today.  Maybe it's time to go to work on the other stuff this afternoon and start breaking away from the solid work on that novel.  While it's been fun, I think I should maybe get back to work on the serious stuff again. 
What's really happened is I took a couple weeks and let the other stories gather their forces and stort themselves out while I did something fun.  I think they're ready for the assault again. 

And yes, I'm just having far too much fun with the formating tools here.  Time to get to work, though!

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