Friday, July 16, 2004

Lovely sunset!

Today's work includes massive clean up at FM.  If you were a Breakout Novel particpant, please see the notice on the side of this blog.

Beyond that, I'm doing well.  We've had some lovely weather -- gorgeous storms, and while it has been hot and uncomfortable the last couple days, I'm still happy to see summer here.  But then, I always love the summer.  And the autumn, winter and spring.  Just watching it all change year-to-year, and knowing that each day is going to be somehting different -- either subtle changes or drastic -- makes me want to grab the camera and just wait.

And while I wait, I write.  (grin)  Work is going pretty well.  I've picked up Farstep Station again and managed quite a bit of work on it.  It's almost up to 30,000 words.  I also found the outline I'd printed out with a few notes, so that helps.  I knew where I was going, but I didn't have all the particulars for the steps.  I'm betting I'm going to have another short first draft.  Most of mine are since I concentrate on the main story line and really don't see the subthreads and where they work in until I'm finished with main story.  Sometimes I see them when I do the outlines and plotting, but sometimes they aren't apparent until I have the other work done.

What else?  Doing a little bit of house work today.  I didn't need any meds at all yesterday for my back.  I'm not doing a lot of work today because I don't want to find myself back in the same trouble, but it is good to be able to pick some stuff up and do a little sweeping.  I have one room completely torn up and it has been that way for a couple weeks now.  I'll get it put back together soon.

Right now, though, I think it's time to get back to work.  I have a bit over 1000 words for the day so far.


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