Friday, July 02, 2004


I'm starting over.

I was cleaning out some boxes today and I found something odd. A slightly newer version of the story. It is dated two years later, and the difference is amazing. I used to do that, by the way -- every year or so I would rewrite this entire series until I finally stopped myself and moved on to new things.

I'm taking some of what I did and reworking it into a new version. I got through the first section of the book -- about 8,000 words -- and knew that I wanted something different anyway.

I already have nearly 1000 words on it. Added with the previous work (which I am taking as worldbuilding and counting it, since I'm going to use parts of it again), I have done nearly 3000 words today.

So not a complete loss, and I like the new version better already.

I am not going to redo it again, no matter what I find in boxes.

Time to work, though. I'm betting I can get back up to the 8,000 mark in a couple days, so it's not all that bad.

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