Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Turtle Pond
I finished the first book of Sooma last night.  It was unexpected.  But I got to the end of a section and realized that I had reached a break point in the MCs lives.  And that a great deal of what I had typed had been 'tell' not 'show.'  My first drafts often come in short and this one is at 50,000 words already.  I looked at it, and looked at it... and decided that I could make something serious out of it, but I had to take it seriously now.  If I kept typing I would have a first draft of 150,000 words and still have to rewrite and expand huge sections.
I'm going to do an outline for the next part and I might not get to it until next year.  I will be taking chapters from this one and expanding them out as I feel like it.
At any rate, for a YA novel first draft, this is about the right length for me.
We are having horrendous hot weather today.  I'm not leaving my house until the storms hit later.  And I suspect that they'll hit very well since we're under a tornado watch for the next four hours.  I checked the radar and the storms are starting to line up to the west.  Hard to say if they will get this far or not, though.  At the moment we're right on the edge of the watch.
So, now with Sooma done, what am I going to work on?  Farstep Station has taken off, and I would like to have that first draft done soon.  The editing on Mirrors is going very well, too.  I'm almost half way through this draft -- but I want to completely rewrite the ending battle so that's going to take a little extra time.  I think I can see a better battle than the one I have, and my MC standing with people who had previously shunned him.
Beyond that... time to get back to work on writing and doing little tiny things around the house.  I woke up with a backache again, but not as bad as it has been.  The problem is clearing up.  I just have to be patient.
And write a lot because that keeps my mind off of everything else.

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