Sunday, July 18, 2004

Pretty ferns
Despite some back problems (stress fractures), I have managed close to 4000 words a day this month.  Yay!  Yesterday I opened up Farstep Station and went back to work on it, and I'm really happy with how well it's moving along at 26,000 words exactly.    Sooma is well over 44,000 words.  The material for the Only a Novel book is over 85,000.  Overall, I'd say I'm doing quite well.
The house is suffering for the back problems, but we're getting there.  And we're finally sorting out the 'House 1' and 'House 2' stuff.  We haven't done any book shelves over there yet, but Russ has moved his office over, along with his boardgames and a table.  Now his friends can come and play Terrible Swift Sword or Advanced Squad Leader and leave everything up and ready for the next time they get together.  Amazing what having a house without cats will do for you. (grin)
I have a feeling that Maynard and Nazir are going to become outdoor cats soon.  They are ganging up on the older cats and I just can't let that go on.  I think they'll do all right anyway. We have a nice garage that we've turned completely over to cats already.  And they don't starve.  LOL.  We'll see how the two continue to do, but I just can't let the poor 14  and 12 year olds suffer through this.  At least Wind is completely laid back, and Willow is pretty calm, though she may join them if she shows much more of the same tendency.
We'll see.  You never know -- they may figure out that going outside is not such a good thing (they both go to the window and scream -- but won't let me open it without jumping down and I'm certainly not going to leave it open.  There's no telling what else might come waltzing in here!
Part of the problem is also back related, of course.  I can hardly move, let alone go charging in and break up their little tiffs.  Sigh.
But anyway, we'll see.
At least the writing is still going well.  And Russ read a story I had up  to edit and said I should just print it off and send it -- he thought it was great.  There is very few times that a story passes muster that well on the first reading.  Although later, talking at dinner, we both agreed that it needs just a line or two more to make the death of a character more deserving.
I'll do that tomorrow and print it off -- and off it goes on Monday.  Wish the poor thing luck. 

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