Wednesday, July 28, 2004

More Turtles

Today's mail brought this:

Wonderful concept for a story, and your writing is excellent.  However, the story just moves too slowly....

You know, as rejections go, it could be worse.

I have a query to go out to the next publisher, and while it's out (several weeks before an answer), I'll have a chance to go over the novel again.

In the meantime, I am much closer to finishing off this draft of Farstep Station.  I've spent most of this afternoon going over things for Muse to see what I wanted to do next, but it's time to focus again.

I also remembered that I do have one other mystery novel that I need to bring back out and work on again.  Ruins suffers from a weak villain, but it's not impossible to fix that part, since the rest of the story is mostly there.

And there's the new series that's still living in my head and fighting to get out.  Soon....

I just need to clear some of this other material off.


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