Sunday, March 19, 2006

A zoo picture

I don't know why, but I'm getting bandwidth notices on my site. That's where I keep the pictures and art work. Apparently someone is looking at it... but it means that I can't load up any of the new zoo pictures until I get that sorted out.

This is one of the new ones. The Amur Leopard is a very rare big cat. The only other picture I had of this one was very dark -- it came out nicely in some ways, but I am still very happy to get this one.

I've worked a bit on the 2YN book today and mostly just played around. I needed a slight break, and the zoo pictures have been a wonderful distraction. I just wish I could get them up. I need to buy more space/bandwidth from Jatol and... well, I also need to pay for my site, and since it has Vision on it, that's going to come first.

Maybe I should try to sell calendars or something to help fund some of my personal sites. It might be fun to try something like that at It might be worth seeing if I can get a little income from the pictures.

Or maybe not. It's not like I have time to take on another project right now, but I might consider it for the future.

Or something like that, anyway. I need to start making some of this extra stuff pay for itself.

The weather people have been calling for snow for the last couple days, and we've seen none of it. It should hit tonight, which will be the worst time since Russ goes to Omaha tomorrow. We're not happy about it. He may end up spending the night down there tomorrow, which is fine. Better than driving back in bad weather.

Other than that... just working away at the 2YN stuff and pretty much certain I'm not going to have it done by March Madness. It's just taking longer than I expected, mostly because I can't stay focused right now. I'm going to take the rest of the night off to play with pictures, and not worry too much about anything for a while. I think it'll help. Posted by Picasa


Zoe said...

Maybe someone is hotlinking your pictures. Is there a way for you to find that out?

E.Jim Shannon said...

I like the cat pic.

You want to see a big domestic cat? Go to Keith's blog the link is in my sidebar and scroll down a bit. That's the largest kitty I've ever seen :-)

Speaking od snow, we got our share here in Edmonton on the weekend. 22cm. We're still digging out.


Jean said...

I love big cats. This is a gorgeous shot.

Zette said...

Zoe -- that was a good thought. I went in and set my Jatol pages to stop hotlinking. I'm still getting notices, but not as many, and it's likely just because I'm already so close. I'll have to wait and see if it makes a difference next month.