Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm closing down the bio section of FM. We're having misuse and bandwidth problems, and I don't think the bios are important enough to the site to let them cause a problem. I will provide a page where people can link to their own websites if they have them, though. It's unfortunate, but like most else that happens like this, the people who misuse the trust of the site will affect everyone's choices. The choices that have to be made running a site like this are sometimes unfortunate, but there are always children (of whatever age) who think only of themselves and don't care about what happens. After all, they'll just move on as long as they can't have their way.Second, Dragon Tooth Fantasy (and Double Dragon Publishing) is closed to submissions until this fall at the very earliest. Deron had already closed DDP's submissions and suggested that I do the same with DTF, especially since I'm behind on reading manuscripts. And we still have about ten books from 2005 to get published. This is going to help because I can turn my attention from the slush pile (once I get it beaten back down) and work on both production and promoting.

This is going to help. The DTF stuff is falling too far behind, partly because I need copyeditors. Here's the catch -- copyeditors work for a cut of the book's sales, so if the book goes well, they do all right, and if not -- well, basically, you have to get many books done so that you make decent money because it's not much at the best of times. It is excellent practice, though, and some people have told me it looks good on the resume.

I am about ten pages from being done with the 2YN book. Yay! I still have to do the bibliography and check through the formatting for each chapter, but overall, it looks damned good. There are quite a few people who have taken the class or who are taking the class now who have said they'd really like to have the book. Since this is a revised and better written version of the classes that will help, too.

But, it's been a busy, work on stuff that is not writing, day. Only got a little over 1k done on Return. But I'll get more tonight and tomrrow! Posted by Picasa

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Alphabeter said...

Don't worry about it Zette. I couldn't get back into the editor to change my page after I first set it up-which was nearly six months after the service had been available!

We all have better things to focus on. You concentrate on the books and the sub piles. I'll try and make a dent in the six weeks I'm behind on my 2YN.

Damn life. Oh wait, I might need it to live!